Viper Hudson All-In-One Dart Center

  • Complete your game room with this all-inclusive dart cabinet bundle.

    Everything you’ll need to get started playing darts is contained in the Viper Hudson All-In-One Dart Center! The centerpiece of your dart experience is of course the dartboard. The Hudson bundle includes a Viper Shot King Dartboard, giving you the excellence in quality you’ve come to expect from Viper.

    The Shot King is constructed from compressed sisal fibers, the latest innovation in steel tip darting. Constructing the board this way gives new life to your dartboard, as the special technique allows the sisal fibers to self-heal, as they “remember” their original shape. These dartboards will last years longer than their old school wood or paper counterpoints.

    The Shot King dartboard features a 100% staple-free bullseye. This greatly reduces your chance of a bounce-out occurring while you shoot for a bullseye, increasing your scores. Other dartboards secure the spider with staples, increasing bounce-outs and frustration.

    In order to house the Shot King Dartboard, this set includes the Hudson Dartboard Cabinet, constructed from 100% solid pine. The construction quality in this cabinet is top notch, using box joints and self-closing brushed nickel hinges.

    The mahogany or black finish of this cabinet goes with any traditional decor, but will not look out of place in a more modern or transitional scheme. Built directly into the cabinet doors are a convenient Cricket scoreboard with dry erase marker and a handy out-chart gives you the surest path to victory.

    This cabinet also has convenient dart storage, so you’ll never need to worry about losing your equipment. Included as well are two sets of steel tip darts, you can get your game on as soon as the board and cabinet are hung with easy-to-use mounting hardware. Your game room will be complete once you order the Hudson All-In-One Dart Center!

    - The total package: this bundle includes everything you need to have a complete dartboard setup in your game room or man cave

    - Constructed from solid pine with box joints and brushed nickel hinges

    - Included Shot King Dartboard is constructed from self-healing sisal fibers

    - Staple free bullseye ensures that bounce outs are kept to a minimum

    - Galvanized rounded wire spider allows darts to glide into board

    - Official Tournament size dartboard measures 17.75” in diameter

    - Includes cricket scoreboard, dry erase marker, Shot King Sisal Dartboard, mounting hardware, and two sets of steel tip darts