Our Story

Welcome to American Game Zone, where our passion for indoor gaming equipment comes to life!

Our Story:

At AGZ, we believe that gaming isn't just a hobby—it's a way of life. We understand the excitement and joy that comes from gathering with friends and family, competing, and creating memories through indoor games. It is this love for gaming that inspired us to establish our online store, dedicated to providing the finest selection of gaming equipment to customers across the United States.

Founded by a group of gaming enthusiasts, American Game Zone is the culmination of our shared passion for indoor gaming. We vividly recall the exhilaration of challenging our friends to a thrilling game of poker, the intense rallies on the table tennis table, and the friendly competition around the billiards table. These experiences ignited a spark within us, leading to the creation of a store that celebrates the spirit of indoor gaming.

Our Vision:

Our vision is simple yet powerful: to be the ultimate destination for gamers, offering top-quality poker tables, table tennis tables, billiards tables, and accessories that enhance the gaming experience. We strive to provide our customers with a diverse range of options, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect equipment that matches their unique style and preferences.

Quality and Excellence:

At AGZ, we prioritize quality and excellence above all else. We meticulously handpick every item in our inventory, working closely with renowned manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to craftsmanship and durability. Each piece undergoes rigorous testing to meet our strict standards, ensuring that only the finest products make their way to our customers' homes.

Customer Satisfaction:

We firmly believe that our success lies in the satisfaction of our customers. From the moment you enter our online store to the time your gaming equipment arrives at your doorstep, we strive to deliver an exceptional shopping experience. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you, providing expert guidance, answering your questions, and resolving any concerns promptly.

Community and Connection:

Beyond being an online store, we aspire to foster a vibrant community of gamers. We understand the power of games to bring people together, and we actively seek to connect like-minded individuals through our platforms. Whether it's sharing gaming tips, organizing online tournaments, or simply engaging in friendly banter, we are here to build connections and create a sense of belonging among our valued customers.

Join Us:

We invite you to embark on this gaming journey with us. Explore our extensive collection of poker tables, table tennis tables, billiards tables, and accessories that will elevate your gaming space to new heights. Let us be your trusted partner in fulfilling your gaming dreams, providing you with the tools you need to create unforgettable moments of laughter, competition, and camaraderie.

Thank you for choosing American Game Zone. Together, let's embrace the thrill of indoor gaming and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Game On!

AGZ Team