Killerspin IMPACT D9 PowerGrip Table Tennis Paddle

  • Ping Pong Paddle with PowerGrip

    IMPACT D9 paddle is perfect for an all-around style of play; for those serious players that are looking for that extra pop from the paddle while having solid control and spin. It is the next generation of the JET800 Speed N2.

    Unique Blade Construction

    IMPACT D9 has two carbon layers, which is an advanced material used to help increase the power of the blade. IMPACT D9 blade construction with 7-ply composite wood and 2 carbon fiber layers means enhanced accuracy and extra pop for an aggressive play style.


    IMPACT D9 comes with PowerGrip - a unique handle that enhances the gripping for shake-hand table tennis grip users. It allows the index finger to securely grip on the curve of the handle on the backhand side while the thumb is resting on the forehand side curve of the handle.

    Control: 7.0 / Medium

    Spin: 9.0 / High

    Speed: 9.0 / High

    Layers: 7 Ply Wood with Carbon Fleece

    Rubbers: Nitrix

    Rubber Colors: Black /Black

    Unique Memory Book Paddle Case

    The paddle comes in SIOC (ship in own container) packaging which makes it a perfect RTS (Ready to Ship Gift). It is packed in a black matt laminated cardboard memory book with magnetic closing. The box is foam padded to hold and protect the paddle and two balls along with a small marker to help jot down scores and capture important moments on the pre-set lines within the memory book.