Killerspin IMPACT D1 SmartGrip Table Tennis Paddle

  • IMPACT D1 paddle is perfect for an all-around style of play; for those players that are looking to learn basic strokes and the good control and feeling for the ball that this paddle is tuned for.

    SmartGrip Handle

    SmartGrip handle is the notch in the middle of the handle specifically designed to simplify the gripping. The unique handle shape minimizes finger slipping and improves the grip contact to the hand palm, especially for novice players.

    Control:8.5 / Medium

    Spin:7.0 / Medium

    Speed:6.0 / Medium

    Blade Thickness: 6mm

    Rubber Colors: Black /Black

    Unique Memory Book Paddle Case

    It is packed in a black matt laminated cardboard memory book with magnetic closing. The case also provides needed protection for your Killerspin ping pong paddle.