We believe in playing every hand, as you can’t miss them ALL !!

At AGZ, we build long-lasting relationships.

We understand that good relationships are the basis for business success and that the reputation of our business depends on our ability to satisfy our customers.

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American Game Zone was founded by Joann Merlin in 2016 in Sandy, Utah.

It began as a quest to find the finest poker and gaming tables.

We searched all around the country to find the most skilled and reliable producers, and we were able to negotiate some incredible deals.

The best thing, though? In order for you and your family to enjoy top-notch poker, billiards, foosball & ping pong tables, we made the decision to pass those savings forward to you.

We provide exceptional customer experience

Flawless customer service is our standard!

Our team works hard to build a positive relationship with every customer, making them feel welcome, cared for and heard.

Customer satisfaction is essential to us because we do more than simply sell products.

We provide solutions that elevate the user experience, and that experience starts before the sale takes place.

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Premium Products

We provide Premium brand products that offer a combination of supreme quality, value, and exceptional experience.

We believe that high-quality products and excellent customer support are the two key components of a great experience, and we stand behind both.

We are always improving

By constantly striving to be better than we were yesterday, we ensure that we'll have a positive impact on our customers today and tomorrow.

We prioritize continuous improvement throughout the entire company, not just in our products and services, but also in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners.

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